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Refrigerated semi-trailers transportable on Spain services with immediate effect

We have added the transportation of refrigerated semi-trailers to our range of products and services in Spain. Thermo-trailers with a fixed superstructure and P400 gauge can be booked on the Ludwigshafen – Barcelona Morrot v.v. route as of now. The service runs several times a week in each direction, with a basic journey time of around 35 hours. Users of the direct train will achieve a CO2 saving of more than 80 per cent for the transportation of a trailer with a laden weight of 25 tonnes compared with end-to-end road transport. Gateway services to and from Hamburg Billwerder and the German Baltic Sea ports of Lübeck and Kiel and to and from Scandinavia and Benelux can be accessed.

Your contact for more information:
Ernst Kemmerer, Sales, Manager West European Transport
+49 69/79505-2 32 or ekemmerer@kombiverkehr.de