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Timetable notes

Please find some useful information for using our timetable below and also note the special arragements.

Closing time for loading and pick-up time

The closing time applies to continental transports and is the time at which the last loading unit is accepted by the local Kombiverkehr agency (the time at which booking closes applies in the case of maritime transports). If several customers deliver loading units to the terminal just before the closing time, it might not be possible to process and load some of these consignments on the desired train in time. We ask you to bear this in mind when scheduling and ensure that loading units arrive in plenty of time.

The pick-up time is the earliest time at which a loading unit can be collected with handover of the shipping documents. Any waiting times will depend on the local situation at the terminal. At some terminals, collection on Saturdays is not possible or is only possible by prior arrangement. The opening hours of the terminals and, where appropriate, an indication of the advance notice required, can be found on the page Terminals & Agencies. If loading units are not collected the will be stored subject to a charge.

Information about storage charges and storage terms can be downloaded

Additional connections

Additional connections not currently included on the timetable can be offered if there is sufficient demand. More information about these services can be obtained from the staff in the National Transport and International Transport departments.

Ferry connections

Special regulations apply to some routes that include ferry transport across the Baltic Sea (via Kiel, Lübeck or Rostock), to Turkey or Greece. For more information, please contact the International Transport department.


The timetables give the permitted profiles on every route for semi-trailers (P = cranable semi-trailer) and containers (C = container), each with 2 and 3-digit profile numbers. Variations may apply for bank and public holiday arrangements.

To find out more, contact the Timetable department or our Kombiverkehr agencies or the relevant partner company abroad.

By simply comparing the profile number in the timetable with the one on the yellow code sign attached to the loading unit, it can be ascertained whether the loading unit can be transported on the required route. Transport is possible if the profile number on the code sign is no higher than the profile number in the scheduled timetable for the relevant route.

This does not apply for routes - mostly those with restricted profiles - on which special low-bed containerwagons are used, enabling higher swap bodies and containers to be transported than stated in the timetables.

The profile table in the timetable shows the relevant measurement in centimetres of the height of the corner for each profile and for three different vehicle body widths: 2.50 m, 2.55 m and 2.60 m.

Transport acceptance

Before submitting your transport order, it is essential that you either get in touch with the staff responsible for the relevant traffic axis or send in a quote request. The staff will also be able to help you with any questions concerning our range of services, current freight rates and any ancillary costs that might be involved. Our traffic axis staff will guide you through the necessary steps to commence with the routing of your traffics.

Carriage and timetable guarantee

There is no guarantee of carriage nor of adherence to the timetables. The published timetable details are given without guarantee and do not constitute delivery dates. Should the capacity of a train be exceeded or should there be shortage wagons, once the deadline for registration has passed the consignments of customers who use this connection to deliver loading units daily, or who have reserved fixed capacity, will in principle be handled first. In the event that the delivery date is exceeded, claims for compensation owing to delays may only be lodged in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Business of Kombiverkehr for National and International Transport Services. In addition, Kombiverkehr reserves the right to specify the route for gateway traffic.

Special arragements

The publications and online applications referring to the Kombiverkehr timetable (printed timetables, online connection search and personal timetable booklets) conatain all the definite medium and long-term timetable variations concerning the direct trains, relating to current monthly timetables, public and general holiday arrangements, track closures and route deviations due to building works. As a rule these variations are taken into account in the production of timetables four weeks prior to the relevant event. (e.g. date of public or general holiday, start of track closure, etc.). This does not apply for connecting and onward services or ferry services where special regulations mean there may also be deviations in journey times. Information on the services offered in conjunction with HUPAC Inter­modal can be found at www.hupac.ch. For short­-term timetable variations, please refer to customer informa­tion provided by National and International Transport and by Transport Monitoring.

Please note that the start of pick-­up is normally post­poned to the next working day if the day of arrival falls on a public holiday. If a public holiday is a day of dispatch the delivery can be preponed. There may be deviations from the normal pick-­up times after public holidays as well. Please find out about this directly from the terminals or from the staff of National or International Transport and the Team Scheduling.
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