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Combined transport - for us, the name says it all. As a logistics service provider, we combine all the specific strengths and advantages of truck, train and ship and make optimum use of existing infrastructure. For over 50 years, we have been handling freight transport for freight forwarders and transport companies by rail. We transport goods to Europe's economic centers with maximum flexibility, efficiency and climate-friendly logistics. With more than 170 train departures daily, we connect 220 terminals in 25 countries.

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We design intermodal.

As the "architects of combined transport", we bundle all services in our company - always with the aim of offering our customers efficient and economical transport solutions. This works so well because we maintain successful partnerships at all key interfaces of intermodal transport and actively participate in the various areas within the transport chain. Our core business, i.e. the development, organization and distribution of market-driven transport services in combined transport, is complemented by a large number of accompanying business areas and thus forms a perfect overall package for our customers.

We are close to the market.

Strong and versatile: Our limited partnership is backed by 219 freight forwarders and transporters and DB Cargo AG on an equal footing. The close cooperation with DB Cargo AG ensures an optimal integration of production know-how on the one hand and market and product know-how on the other. We achieve our close proximity to the market through very close and personal contact with the shareholders and our customers. And, of course, through our working groups made up of freight forwarders and association members as well as our advisory board.

Our limited partners
We take an active part.

We are actively involved and are constantly working to expand our market position. We are involved in the construction, expansion and operation of transhipment facilities, through terminal participations at important locations, in the marketing of combined transport through our participation in operators and, of course, in the development of traction companies, consulting projects and IT services. In this way, we are creating the necessary foundations for further growth in combined transport.

Our Equity interests
We operate digitally.

Digitizing business processes, standardizing information flows and increasing customer satisfaction: these are the cornerstones of our digitization and IT strategy. The customer portal and productive data hub KV4.0 are followed by Easy Booking and artificial intelligence for loading optimization. Every day, we work on solutions that help us and our customers move forward.

Our Projects
We are here for you.

Kombiverkehr and its 150 employees do everything in their power to find, organize and develop the best connections in our extensive national and international transport network. We are always at our customers' side and ensure, for example, that the latest status information and estimated time of pick-up times for a loading unit are available at all times. We provide prompt information in the event of irregularities, as the transport monitoring team keeps an eye on all trains at all times. And that 24/7.

our Service
We act neutrally.

Neutrality towards all customers, service providers and partners is a matter of course for us. We work exclusively for freight forwarders and transport companies and provide advice based on many years of experience and personal contact.

We are perfectly connected.
Intermodal with us across Germany and Europe.

There are no longer any limits to intermodal transport, because we offer one of the most extensive CT networks of all. With 162 direct trains per week in domestic German traffic and over 460 trains in international traffic, our network impresses with maximum routing flexibility thanks to gateway systems at major terminal hubs in Germany and Europe as well as synchronized ferry and ship crossings. 

Stories and Trends.
Discover the world of intermodal transport.

On our blog you will find (success) stories, innovations and inspiration relating to combined transport. We are happy to share insights into our company, exclusive background stories and everything about exciting trends that keep us busy.

Find out about the latest industry-relevant information and discuss with us the social developments and challenges that drive us. From "groundbreaking" to "on-target", benefit from our expertise and visit our blog. 

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