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Transport process

You can obtain information on the transport process here. You will find all the procedures of relevance to you and your truck driver in chronological order. These are:


The transport of a shipment must be booked in writing. The booking is logged in our IT system by staff at the Kombiverkehr agency or partner company before further processing.

Shipping order

All the data required from the customer in order for the shipment to be transported must be entered in the shipping order and then passed on to the service teams in the Kombiverkehr agencies. The forwarding contract between the customer and Kombiverkehr comes into effect once both parties have signed the shipping order form.


The driver must check in before entering the respective terminal. Check-in staff will inspect the loading unit to ensure that it meets all the technical requirements for rail transport. The hazardous goods markings are also noted on the check-in form here. The driver receives a copy of the check-in form.

Report to the Kombiverkehr agency

Your driver reports to the desk at the Kombiverkehr agency with the check-in form and the shipping order. They ascertain whether there is a booking in the IT system to go with the shipping order. They also make sure that any hazardous goods labels duly comply with actual requirements. Once all the details have been checked, the driver receives a copy of the shipping order.

Admission to the terminal

Once all the formalities have been dealt with, your driver is admitted into the terminal. He takes his place at the allocated crane runway and assumes the correct stop position.

Crane lift on delivery

The driver releases the locking mechanism between the chassis and loading unit before the crane lift begins. The loading unit cannot be lifted by the crane or mobile equipment and placed on the wagon until this has been done. The driver of a semi-trailer must retract the underride guard if necessary. The driver stays out of the crane zone during loading for safety reasons.

Collection slip

Your driver reports to our Kombiverkehr agency in order to pick up a loading unit. Your loading units will not be handed over in the arrival terminal without a collection slip. This is produced by staff at the Kombiverkehr agency based on information provided by the driver and also contains details of the loading unit, such as hazardous goods, seals and customs information. Accompanying paperwork and hazardous goods documents are handed over. The driver database is checked to ensure that the driver is authorised to pick up the shipment. The collection slip is then produced to acknowledge receipt of the loading unit. In the case of hazardous goods, this collection slip cannot be used as a "road transport document".

The crane order is issued to the terminal operator through our Kombiverkehr agency at the same time. On receipt of the collection slip, the driver goes to the allocated crane runway and, if necessary, to the designated stop position within the runway.

Crane lift on collection

Before the loading unit can be removed from the wagon by crane, the driver of a swap body, container or tank container must bring the pivot on the chassis into the correct position. The driver must keep clear of the danger zone during collection as well.

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