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Video Systems, Gateways & Transport chains

This is where you can find out everything you need to know about Combined Transport, presented in easy-to-understand short videos. You will also find these on our corporate DVD, which will give you an insight into Kombiverkehr together with a promotional film. You can order the DVD by sending an email to info@kombiverkehr.de  free of charge of course.

KOMBIVERKEHRKnowledge: Network and Gateways
Which national and international services are provided by Kombiverkehr? Find out more here.
KOMBIVERKEHRKnowledge: Intermodal transport chains
How does Combined Transport work and who is involved in a shipment? Find out more here.
KOMBIVERKEHRKnowledge: Production systems
There are two basic types of production systems. Find out more.
Kombiverkehr in sound and vision
Just send an email to info@kombiverkehr.de to receive our corporate film on DVD.
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