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About us

Business fields

Kombiverkehr traditionally sees itself as an architect of unaccompanied Combined Transport. The core business, that is to say the development, organisation and marketing of needs-driven services in road-rail Combined Transport, is complemented by a large number of supporting business fields.

Given that its aim is to offer the customer an efficient and cost-effective transport solution, one of the policies pursued by Kombiverkehr is active involvement at a wide variety of places within the transport chain. By way of example, Kombiverkehr provides IT systems for rapid and straightforward communication, has equity interests in terminals, designs and purchases wagons, and advises third parties on numerous matters related to Combined Transport.

The individual complementary business fields are:

Equity interests

Kombiverkehr has applied its know-how to the operation of handling facilities and to new and expansion projects for many years and it has interests in terminal operating companies at key locations, in other operators and in companies with close links to Combined Transport. Kombiverkehr will continue to follow this successful strategy in the future and work with its partners to ensure that the necessary foundations for the further growth of Combined Transport are laid.

You can refer to the menu item "Equity interests" to view the current equity interests of Kombiverkehr.












Just one of the many equity interests held by Kombiverkehr KG: The DUSS terminal in Köln-Eifeltor


IT services

Kombiverkehr has spent years working on IT systems designed to make collaboration on the daily scheduling of transport services as simple as possible for you. This not only includes a variety of electronic and, to some extent, online booking applications, but also the electronic transfer of invoicing data and the provision of an internet-supported system for tracking consignments, named CESAR.


Kombiverkehr established KombiConsult GmbH to act as an independent consulting firm whose services are aimed specifically at third parties. KombiConsult specialises in solutions to problems in the logistics chain for Combined Transport and in rail freight transport in general.

Logistics concepts
Professional advice for customers on the planning, execution and optimisation of Combined Transport services and specific concepts for individual regions are at the forefront of logistics planning. You will find more information under the menu item "Logistics concepts".

Hazardous goods & waste

Kombiverkehr provides appropriate support and advice on hazardous goods to ensure the highest level of safety when dealing with the transport of hazardous goods and waste, with due regard for any relevant regulations.

This includes:

  • Providing hazardous goods training for agency staff and employees within the company
  • Ensuring that customers and agencies apply and comply with hazardous goods requirements during handling, rail transport and storage
  • Making sure that consignments of hazardous goods are properly processed by railways and cargo handling companies
  • Helping to ensure that transhipment terminals are set up to handle hazardous goods correctly
  • Monitoring the practicability of hazardous goods regulations; drawing up suggestions for improvement within international working groups, if necessary

You will find detailed information on this subject in the "Hazardous goods & waste" section.


Kombiverkehr’s rolling stock currently comprises 262 wagons with enough capacity for 155 consignments. To be more specific, there are 23 container carriers (73’), 32 type T2000 double pocket wagons (104’) and 28 long container carriers (104’). It also has 179 megatrailer pocket wagons (capacity for 358 semi-trailers) for the transport of volume-optimised loading units with an interior height of up to three metres.

Plenty of room in the T3000 megatrailer pocket wagon