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Additional services

If you transport your shipments with Kombiverkehr, you can make use of additional services. Your options are set out below:

Contact details of trucking companies for first and final leg

Kombiverkehr only provides transport services from terminal to terminal. The first and final legs are arranged and carried out by you or a third party. We would be pleased to help you find a suitable trucking company. We can let you have the contact details of a selection of trucking companies on request. Simply ask our regional sales managers or staff working in National and International Transport for the trucking list for the departure or arrival terminal you require.


Kombiverkehr provides a transfer service if the reception and dispatch points are situated in different places within a port. This involves taking your loading units by road between two terminals for onward shipment by rail or ship. The intermodal transport chain thus remains unbroken. In particular, we provide transfers in Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Antwerp and Rotterdam. You can obtain information from our staff in International Transport.

Services for the organisation, processing and clearance of Combined Transport shipments

Our subsidiary Kombiverkehr Intermodal Services GmbH provides services for the organisation, processing and clearance of road-rail Combined Transport shipments. In particular, Kombiverkehr Intermodal Services GmbH is in charge of agency services during terminal operations. It also provides specialist personnel. The operation of transhipment facilities rounds off the company’s portfolio of services, which caters primarily for the requirements of terminal operators.

Customers of Kombiverkehr profit first and foremost from the “trucking service” provided by Kombiverkehr Intermodal Services GmbH in the port area used by Hamburg freight forwarders. There are plans to extend this area of business to more terminals in Germany in future.

Further information can be obtained from:

Kombiverkehr Intermodal Services GmbH
Berliner Allee 9 - 11
D-30175 Hannover

Your contact person is Detlef Brendemühl:
Phone +49 511 / 8 97 66 52 00
Fax +49 511 / 8 97 66 52 09
Mobile +49 170 / 6 31 09 30
e-mail info@intermodalservices.de


KombiConsult, a subsidiary of Kombiverkehr, offers a consultancy service on Combined Transport-related matters. The company is in charge of consultancy, planning and implementation in these target markets. To deliver these services KombiConsult is able to draw on the in-depth market knowledge and extensive expertise of Kombiverkehr employees in the forwarding industry, logistics, rail and road freight transport, wagon technology and handling systems.

You will find more information on the company on its website at: www.kombiconsult.com.

Who to contact:
Christian Franz
Managing Director
Phone +49 69/24 43 29 31 12
e-mail cfranz@kombiconsult.com

Uwe Sondermann
Managing Director
Phone +49 69/24 43 29 31 72
e-mail usondermann@kombiconsult.com