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The forwarding of loading units by Combined Transport generally exceeds the standard loading gauge in terms of height. UIC railways and UIRR companies developed a system over 30 years ago to facilitate the problem-free transport of national and international CT consignments. The coding system for tracks, loading units and wagons makes this possible.

The profiles for containers and semi-trailers on every transport route are specified in the timetable. A straightforward comparison of the profile numbers on the route with those on the code number plate is sufficient to ascertain whether the loading unit can travel on a particular route. The profile table specifies the corner height of the loading unit corresponding to every profile. The full measurements of the profiles given in the timetable can be requested from Kombiverkehr.

You can use the following application to obtain information quickly and easily on the loading unit corresponding to your specified profile number.

Enter a profile number to display the compatible loading unit.

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