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Claims Management

Kombiverkehr and other companies involved in the transport chain make every effort to ensure that transport units reach their destination intact and to handle them with care in the terminal. Nevertheless, individual cases of damage do occur during the transport of semitrailers, swap bodies and containers, and the owner of the loading unit in question may enforce a claim against the contracting party. We are therefore also your point of contact if it is necessary to handle a claim arising from any shipments for which your company is the invoice payer in respect of Kombiverkehr.

We would like to summarise the procedure if your company should happen to incur damage to a transport unit (or the goods inside it). In such a case, please proceed as follows:

Notice of damage and documentation of externally visible damage to freight

Every transport unit to be collected must be inspected by the truck driver on receipt to check for signs of damage on the exterior. Any visible damage must be reported whilst still on the terminal premises. DB Intermodal staff are normally available at the terminal to offer your truck driver assistance and advice. If there is no DB Intermodal agency at the terminal, we would ask your driver to contact the local Kombiverkehr agency for further information. Once the notice of damage has been received, it will be documented in a damage report and photographs will be taken at the same time as additional evidence. The original of the damage report and the damage pictures remain with the issuer, the copy of the report will be given to your driver. As a company, you have thus complied with the statutory periods for the notice and documentation of damage.

Having duly submitted a notice of damage, you now have the option of enforcing a claim against Kombiverkehr to be compensated for the damage. Please send the documents specified below by email to claims-management@kombiverkehr.de:

Proof of check-in record

The check-in record issued to your company when the transport unit is dropped off serves as proof of its intact condition when delivered to the departure terminal. Please scan this and send the document to us as a PDF file.

Proof of damage report

The damage report prepared on receipt of notice of damage must be attached to the email, also as a PDF file. The nature of the damage and of the complaint can be found in this document.

Proof of incurred repair costs

Please also send us documents to show the cost of the damage you have incurred. This may take the form of a quotation, an expert opinion, a copy invoice or an internal cost estimate (in-house repair shop to fix the damage). Proof of value must be submitted if there is suspicion of cargo theft.
Important notice: It is only possible to enforce claims for repair costs and the value of stolen goods as part of the settlement process. Incidental damages, such as processing fees and downtimes are excluded in the settlement (according to § 429 HGB as well as Article 32 of the ER/CIM).

Booking confirmation

Another document we need you to send is the booking confirmation for the shipment in question.

We will confirm receipt of your email and attachments as soon as we receive the above-mentioned documents. We will process your claim as quickly as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions about claims management.

Who to contact
for Claims Management: