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Transport system MegaHub Hannover Lehrte


KnotenKombiverkehr is the company that is now making rail-rail intermodal handling and thus the basic system idea of the MegaHub in Hannover Lehrte a reality!

On the road and rail side, the MegaHub is located at a major transportation hub in northern Germany and thus in the best geographical location for transit traffic. One of Europe's largest intermodal networks will be expanded to include other economic centers in the future with the integration of the MegaHub. Your national and international routings by rail will become even more flexible and efficient.

Reach with us the German economic centers, more than 25 countries in Europe and also mulitmodal port locations for waterside transfer. Our unique gateway system is the answer to tomorrow's logistical challenges.

New transport system with national and international trains from April 2021

  • Starting on April 6, 2021, we will connect the Ludwigshafen, Lübeck CTL as well as Baltic Rail Gate and Duisburg terminals to the fast transshipment facility in Hannover Lehrte. In addition, Munich-Riem and Verona Interterminal on April 26. Timetable information on all services is available in the online timetable information.
  • Via the national gateway terminals and port quays in Ludwigshafen, Lübeck, Munich and Duisburg, you can reach the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Greece and Turkey, among other countries, with Kombiverkehr.
  • Kombiverkehr plans to connect further connections to the MegaHub in the future. In a second expansion phase, we are currently examining connections to and from Berlin, Kiel, Hamburg, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

  • All connected terminals can be linked to each other via the MegaHub as a central hub! This creates flexibility in the routings and strengthens your climate-friendly and sustainable logistics chains.
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The MegaHub opens the gateway to Europe for Hanover today and other terminals in northern Germany tomorrow

  • From April 2021, the Hannover economic region will have access to combined transport in Germany and throughout Europe. Because in addition to rail-rail transhipment, the MegaHub will of course also be able to deliver and pick up loading units by truck.
  • Terminals in northwestern and northeastern Germany can also benefit from the diverse routings to a large number of national and international economic centers via short feeder services. In the future, mixed trains will start from locations that are not able to handle whole trains for only one destination terminal, and their loading units will be loaded onto trains with a single destination in the MegaHub. From each terminal, all other connected terminal locations are possible via Hanover, as well as further antenna transports via gateway.

Gateway 2.0: Innovative fast transfer system acts as a hub

  • The it-supported and fully automated terminal system technology enables the rapid transfer of semi-trailers, swap bodies and containers between incoming and outgoing trains within just a few hours.

  • Trains arrive in Hannover with loading units in a colorful mix for several destination terminals. After immediate sorting, the outbound trains leave the terminal with a single destination, i.e. only with loading units for a single destination terminal, from which other terminals can also be reached in international gateway traffic.

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), driverless all-electric vehicles, will transport load units lengthwise between the gantry cranes.

  • A special operations control system controls the interaction between crane, longitudinal conveyor system and resources. This achieves extremely effective maximization of handling, taking into account the time windows to be observed. Waiting and downtimes are avoided, and energy consumption and wear are reduced to a minimum.

Check your transport options and contact our sales staff. We will be happy to answer your questions in a personal conversation!

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