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Electronic Invoicing

Following your transport, Kombiverkehr offers you the option of fully electronic invoicing. You will receive invoices and credit notes by e-mail. The printing and dispatch of an original document is generally waived. If you opt for this variant of invoice receipt, you will receive invoices, credit notes and attachments as PDF files. In addition to the PDF, we send you an XML file with metadata for import into your financial accounting IT systems.

The email will be sent to the email address you prefer. This should comply with GDPR requirements and be an anonymised group mailbox or a mailing list (e.g. invoices@yourcompanyname.de). The following mailing options are available:

Document and annex:
For freight invoices these can be created separately, i.e. a PDF for the document and a PDF for the annex, or combined in a single PDF, depending on your preference.

Mail attachments:
The generated PDF and XML files can be attached to the email either separately or compressed in a ZIP or TAR archive.

Occasionally, statements for incidental charges and the like may contain additional annexes that cannot be combined with the document or automatically compressed in the archive. However, this should happen only rarely and as a transitional measure.

If you have opted for electronic invoice dispatch, just sign the declaration of consent and return it to:

Kombiverkehr Deutsche Gesellschaft für kombinierten Güterverkehr mbH & Co. KG
Zum Laurenburger Hof 76
60594 Frankfurt am Main

On receipt of your declaration, we will send a confirmation and the proposed changeover date by email to your specified email address.
Who to contact
for Electronic Invoicing: