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Transport monitoring

Kombiverkehr works with a transport monitoring system which has been specially designed for the company. The target and actual data of all trains are compared every minute, allowing the staff in Transport Monitoring to check the current status of consignments at any time and pass on relevant information to the customers. You can decide for yourself in which form you would like to receive the information: via the Cesar European database or by email.

Transport monitoring

Consignments sent on Combined Transport normally cover many hundreds of kilometres before reaching their destination terminal. The entire journey is monitored by the service team of our Transport Monitoring department. Monitoring includes in particular tracking the consignment and verifying its status: where the loading units are at any time along the transport chain. We will inform you in the event of irregularities (e.g. delays, extensions of closing times for loading, technical problems etc.).

The Transport Monitoring service team can be contacted continuous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Messaging service

We keep our customers and the recipients/shippers of transported loading units informed of any irregularities by email. You only need to register once with our messaging service for this purpose. To do so, simply fill in the data fields of the messaging service form in full and send it to us.

Tracking & Tracing (CESAR)

Logistics optimisation also means an efficiently organised exchange of information and data. Kombiverkehr has worked in conjunction with the UIRR and in association with HUPAC (Switzerland) and the former CEMAT (Italy) to develop the CESAR (Co-operative European System for Advanced Information Redistribution) communications platform for this very reason.

Transports can be booked, up-to-date timetable information accessed and irregularity reports requested by going to http://www.cesar-next.com/. You can also use the tracking & tracing functions to find out about the current status of your shipment. Data from Kombiverkehr, Mercitalia Intermodal, HUPAC, Novatrans, Adria Kombi and Rail Cargo Austria are currently being imported. An expansion of other operators is planned. A user name and password are required to be able to use the booking and tracking & tracing functions.

Wagon Resource Planning

In the event of damage, defects or missing documentation, individual transport units must be removed from the train at the terminal or en route for safety reasons. In these cases the Wagon Resource Planning department will ensure that your transport units are transported to the destination terminal without any significant delay so that you can keep your delivery dates or the transport unit can reach booked connecting ferries in time, for instance. Should you be affected by a removal, the department will stay in close contact with you and with terminal operators, railway companies and expert assessors. This ensures a continuous flow of information between all parties.

Train monitor

The first "Train Monitor" pilot project offers the publication of real-time information in Combined Transport. The test version is the first one to be available online and can be used for all Kombiverkehr's own direct and shuttle trains to view the geographical position and current timetable deviations of all trains at selected terminals. An important milestone for the new internet application is the provision of an estimated time of pick-up (ETP): this information is important to customers as it lets them know when their transport units are expected to be ready for collection at the destination terminal.

The train monitor is incorporated into the protected area of www.kombiverkehr.com. Customers can use the application in day-to-day business once they have registered in the myKOMBIVERKEHR section and received clearance from Kombiverkehr. To activate the system, interested parties are asked to contact Christoph Büchner, Marketing, directly at cbuechner@kombiverkehr.de, +49 69 / 7 95 05-144.
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