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Full P400 gauge on all lines to and from Mortara since timetable change

Kombiverkehr’s direct train service to and from Mortara – one of the largest terminals in the Milan area – has been available for semi-trailers with a full loading gauge since the timetable change on 10 December. This means we can offer semi-trailer transport by P400 not only on Brenner and Tauern services, but also via Switzerland.

Existing and prospective customers looking for climate-friendly transport via Switzerland now have the option of 34 trains a week on the direct train timetable from the Mortara terminal to Ghent, Venlo, Rotterdam and Krefeld. Onward ferry services to Great Britain are available from Ghent and Rotterdam.

For questions about services to and from Mortara, please contact:
Andrea De Ambrogi, Sales, Manager Benelux
+49 69/7 95 05-1 82 or adeambrogi@kombiverkehr.de