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Kombiverkehr with P400 profile and more train departures to and from Mortara

(Frankfurt/Main, 15 Dezember 2021) With today's first train departure following the change of timetable, Kombiverkehr KG is offering rail transport with the P400 profile on the routes between Mortara and the Greenport Terminal in Venlo via Lötschberg and between Mortara and Rotterdam CTT via Gotthard. "Now that the track has been upgraded to allow the P400 profile, we can offer forwarders the option of transporting semitrailers with a corner height of four metres," says Alexander Ochs, managing director of Kombiverkehr. "Thanks to the greater load capacity, our customers can enjoy a tangible improvement in the efficiency of their intermodal shipments on these routes." The Mortara - Venlo v.v. direct train runs three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) in both directions. Transport on environmentally-friendly rail to and from Rotterdam is now possible five times a week (Mondays to Fridays).

Additional departures to and from Ghent
The number of trains serving the heavily used route to the North Sea port of Ghent is being boosted. Following an initial increase in frequencies on 17 January 2022, an eighth departure per week and direction will be added to the timetable just a short time later, on 7 February 2022. "We are responding to the continued increase in demand on our services from Italy to the Benelux countries via Switzerland with a wider range of shipping options on the transalpine corridor," Ochs says. "After Brexit, the onward ferry connections from Ghent make this multimodal product range particularly attractive for forwarders transporting to and from the United Kingdom."

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Kombiverkehr trains with a P400 profile have been running between Mortara and Venlo and Rotterdam since the timetable change on 13 December 2021. There will be further increases in frequencies on the Mortara - Ghent v.v. route on 17 January and 7 February 2022. (Photo: Kombiverkehr KG, Serse Zoppi)

The press photo can be downloaded here.