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BAG De-minimis programme: take advantage of funding now
Under the De-minimis funding programme established by the German Federal Office for Goods Transport, since the start of the year it has been possible to obtain a refund of the additional costs incurred for cranable trailers. Not only does this save companies wishing to get into intermodal transport hard cash while at the same time increasing the resale value of their vehicle fleet, it also meets the technical requirement for the eco-friendly transport of their consignments by rail. This allows them to profit from Germany's largest intermodal network, operated by Kombiverkehr, with more than 60 connections every week. Alternatively, they can have their transport units shipped with maximum flexibility between more than 30 countries in our European gateway network.

The new funding for cranable trailers will also be welcomed by companies which already use the environmentally friendly system for their operations and wish to expand their vehicle pool accordingly. The Federal Office for Goods Transport has stated that the amount of spending eligible for funding will be the difference between the cost of a cranable trailer and the cost of a non-cranable trailer.

The maximum amount of funding available per company is EUR 33,000, or not more than 80 per cent of the eligible spending. The maximum funding per vehicle is EUR 2,000. Applications for 2020 can be submitted until 30 September.

Additional information about entering intermodal transport or commencing services with Kombiverkehr can be obtained from:
Michael Bott, Sales, Sales Management
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-210 or vertriebsmanagement@kombiverkehr.de