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Increase in frequency of services between Hanover and I-Verona since February 2020
Kombiverkehr has expanded the existing range of services between the intermodal terminals in Hannover-Linden Hafen and Verona Quadrante Europa with an additional train departure per week in each direction. This gives customers the opportunity to consider rail in their scheduling options as a key element of the intermodal transport chain five times a week on this north-south corridor. Since 13 February 2020, loads can now also be shipped every Thursday in both directions. Intermodal rail transport is available for this route on Mondays to Fridays in the north-south direction and Tuesdays to Saturdays in the south-north direction. In expanding the frequency of services between Hanover and Verona, Kombiverkehr is providing further options for avoiding the existing measures introduced by the Tirol region with the aim of limiting truck traffic on the Brenner Pass route.

If you are interested in this route, please contact:
Arbi Tonians, Sales, Manager South European Transport
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-2 37 or atonians@kombiverkehr.de