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The code number plate

Yellow code number plates are not only used to indicate official authorisation, they also facilitate the correct allocation of loading units and wagons during routine terminal operations. This is because the rail profile required by the cross-section of the respective loading unit can be taken directly from the code number plate. The yellow plate also documents that the loading unit is duly approved to be handled by crane and to withstand the rigours of rail transport.

Every loading unit is to have two code number plates. These are attached on the side walls in the bottom part of the front end face. The plates have black script on a yellow background. You will find a number of variations set out below; we will also give you more information on the "Code XL".

Move the mouse pointer over the different areas of the identification plates to obtain background information on the content of the relevant plate.

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Code number plate for
a swap body
Code number plate
for a semitrailer
Code number plate for megatrailers, suitable
for the new megatrailer pocket wagons
Code number plate for flat containers without end walls
Code number plate for flat containers with end walls
Additional code for curtainsiders capable of 140 km/h
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