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Successful start: first customers use KV4.0 data hub
The KV4.0 data hub has successfully gone live. Since April 2023, the first customers of our company have already started connecting the new interface to their transport management systems. Transport data is now being exchanged between Kombiverkehr and the freight forwarders. The data hub is marketed via our subsidiary DX Intermodal.

Using the DXI data hub, freight forwarders can exchange all their intermodal transport data between the combined transport operators and their own system, including data from rail transport companies and terminals. The system is based on the EDIGES 4.1 format, which is becoming the standard for data exchange in our industry. It currently enables access to information on bookings, terminal status and timetables and, in future, train journeys as well as pre-carriage and onward carriage by road. Data is exchanged in real time and barrier-free, but always within an authorised distribution group.

Kombiverkehr offers customers who have previously booked via CTIXML a direct and fast technical switch to the new data hub with a wide range of functionalities via EDIGES 4.1. It should be emphasised that the interface is implemented by the customer largely without manual support from Kombiverkehr. Instead, the customer can transfer bookings to the Kombiverkehr test system. In the event of an error, the customer always receives a qualified error message immediately and automatically. In this way, implementation on the customer side can progress very quickly.

Data exchange between operators is currently being enabled within the data hub. This means that operators receive order information from partner companies earlier than before. The "booking office = paying office" communication scenario will then be implemented. The aim of this is to ensure that in future customers always book with the operator from whom they receive the invoice. This is currently not the case for some transport routes across the Alps, for example. Another important innovation will be the connection of infrastructure providers such as RNE TIS in February next year.

Further information can be found here:

Elias Athanasoglou, Manager Transport Organisation
+49 69/7 95 05-2 71 or eathanasoglou@kombiverkehr.de

Changeover from CTIXML to EDIGES 4.1 
Laszlo Rokszin, Transport Organisation
+49 69/7 95 05-3 42 or lrokszin@kombiverkehr.de

General and technical information on the KV4.0 data hub
Christoph Büchner, Managing Director DX Intermodal
+49 69/7 95 05-1 44 or cbuechner@dx-intermodal.com