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Spain services linked with Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Benelux and Leipzig in rapid gateway network
  • Kombiverkehr KG relocates trains from Cologne to Duisburg
  • First train departure in north-south direction yesterday
  • P400 on Mediterranean route between Barcelona and Ludwigshafen

(Frankfurt/Main, 2 February 2021) Kombiverkehr KG, the intermodal provider for Germany and Europe, has relocated trains serving Spain on the Cologne – Bayonne / Irún v.v. route from Köln-Eifeltor to the DUSS terminal in Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen. The operational switchover of the services was last weekend. Yesterday a train was leaving Duisburg on the northern route to Spain for the first time. That means Kombiverkehr KG's direct train service within Spain, which runs between Madrid and Irún every working day, will now also be connected to Duisburg via the gateway. There are satellite services from Madrid to Murcia, San Roque, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza.

"By switching from Köln-Eifeltor to the Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen DUSS terminal, we at Kombiverkehr are once again playing our trump card of being able to offer efficient connections of direct services to a large number of other terminals and economic centres in Germany and throughout Europe via major hubs in our European network. With the switch to Duisburg, our trains serving Spain are now linked to one of the five most important gateway terminals in our Kombiverkehr intermodal system. It is already possible to reach more than 25 countries from Duisburg. That presents a whole array of new transport alternatives for shipments from Spain and southern France to and from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Scandinavia or Benelux in the one-stop-shop process", says Alexander Ochs, Managing Director of Kombiverkehr KG. This measure opens up the possibility of onward transport by rail towards the Iberian peninsular even for international cargo from the Far East, more and more of which is arriving in the Ruhr metropolis and being distributed elsewhere from there.

"Not only that, but in domestic transport logistics companies can enjoy the benefits of a new direct link to Leipzig and a high frequency of onward services to Lübeck on the Baltic Sea, the only product of its kind on the market, with eleven trains now departing Duisburg each week," adds Peter Dannewitz, Head of Sales.

Containers and swap bodies with a C45 or C364 profile can now be carried on the Atlantic route. Customers with P400 trailers on Spain – Germany v.v. routes will continue to use the existing service between Barcelona Morrot and the CT terminal in Ludwigshafen for the eco-friendly transport of their goods and merchandise. Kombiverkehr offers this service three times a week in each direction.

Working in collaboration with Combiberia and Novatrans, the Frankfurt operator now runs 26 direct trains a week in each direction between Germany and Spain, the Iberian peninsula and the border region around Bayonne. The Atlantic and Mediterranean routes link the Spanish terminals in Madrid, Granollers, Barcelona and Constanti, near Tarragona, with Ludwigshafen and Duisburg by direct train.

Pressefoto Spanienzüge ab Bayonne Kombiverkehr KG

From today, Kombiverkehr KG trains leaving Irún, Madrid and Bayonne will now serve Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen DUSS rather than Köln-Eifeltor. From there a large number of eco-friendly connections are available both within Germany and to Poland, the Czech Republic, Benelux, Austria and Scandinavia.

The press photo can be downloaded here.