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New service on the SE-Trelleborg – SE-Hallsberg v.v. route from 5 November 2019
In cooperation with ferry operator TT-Line, Kombiverkehr is to offer a direct train service between
Trelleborg (SE) and Hallsberg (SE) with connection to the ferries from Trelleborg to Lübeck
Skandinavienkai, Rostock-Seehafen and Świnoujście (Swinemünde). This new service adds to the
product range to and from northern Europe and is the first purely domestic Swedish route. The direct
train starts in Trelleborg on 5 November 2019 and will initially have three departures a week in each
direction. From 2020 the frequency of departures can be increased to five return trips per week.
Kombiverkehr will add further round trips if there is sufficient demand. At present customers can
already head for the port of Trelleborg using many gateway connections from Germany and elsewhere in Europe, e.g. via the Duisburg – Lübeck Skandinavienkai, Ludwigshafen – Lübeck Skandinavienkai or Hamburg – Lübeck Skandinavienkai direct trains. There are also onward connections to Basel, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Munich and Nuremberg via Hamburg. The ferry service between Travemünde and Trelleborg will be provided by our partner TT-Line. TT-Line will also market the Rostock – Trelleborg v.v. and Trelleborg – Świnoujście (Swinemünde) v.v. ferry routes.

If you would like details of these products, please contact:
Kombiverkehr, Sales, Manager North European Transport & German Baltic Sea Ports, Ulrich Bedacht
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-2 44 or ubedacht@kombiverkehr.de