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New 52-foot container carriers added to the proprietary wagon fleet
Short, weight-optimised 52-foot container carriers, known as SGMNS, have just been added to Kombiverkehr's existing fleet of wagons. That means the fleet now comprises 362 proprietary wagons with total capacity for more than 500 truck consignments.

All 100 of the new carriers are already in use. The last 20 of them were taken into operation following acceptance at the end of January. The wagons are already fitted with quiet plastic brake blocks and are being used primarily on the Cologne – Trieste v.v., Wuppertal – Verona v.v. and Ludwigshafen – Barcelona Morrot v.v. routes.


Technical information about wagons and transport units can be obtained from:
Kristian Kölsche, Operations, Manager Wagon Resource Planning
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-3 31 or kkoelsche@kombiverkehr.de