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Guide to transport acceptance

Would you like to use our company’s road-rail Combined Transport services? We have set out below the key requirements before your shipments can be accepted for transport:

Coding of loading units

The loading units (semi-trailers, swap bodies, containers) must be technically suitable and approved for road-rail Combined Transport. Such loading units can be identified by the yellow so-called code number plates, which are affixed to each longitudinal side, preferably at the front. Without these identification codes, loading units cannot be accepted for road-rail Combined Transport. This does not apply to ISO-compliant overseas containers. The technical approval and marking of new loading units is not generally a problem. At all events, you should make arrangements with your supplier for new vehicles or containers to be delivered with code number plates already affixed. We would be happy to assist if you wish to approve used loading units for rail transport retrospectively.

Participation in the Kombiverkehr deferral arrangement

The Kombiverkehr deferral arrangement is a simplified billing method for freight and other negotiated or contractual receivables arising from the use of Kombiverkehr’s services. The financial partners of Kombiverkehr are DVB Bank SE (DVB) and its subsidiary DVB LogPay GmbH, which is specifically responsible for financial transaction management.

The primary advantage of joining the Kombiverkehr deferral arrangement is that you receive a monthly total invoice for all the shipments carried out and do not have to pay the transport costs until a later date due to a prolonged term of payment.

Once you have fulfilled all the criteria and given us information on the transport services you require, you will receive a transport approval from us for the route you want. You can then send your shipments with Kombiverkehr. You do not have to be a limited partner of our company in order to enter into a business relationship with Kombiverkehr.

We would be delighted to send you further information and advice on transport approval and the Kombiverkehr deferral arrangement. You can use the contact form to order information material quickly and easily.

Information sheets

You will find information sheets with details for the transport acceptance and the deferral arrangement here:

Your guide to acceptance for transport 

General Information on the Kombiverkehr Deferral Arrangement

Who to contact
for Deferral Arrangement: