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12/20/2023 The Company
Further developments in the portal myKOMBIVERKEHR
11/17/2023 Current, Press Release, Personal details
Carsten Hemme leaves the Administration Board of Kombiverkehr KG
11/14/2023 Current, Press Release, Personal details
Daniel Jähn given power of procuration
06/21/2023 Current, Press Release, The Company
Kombiverkehr KG posts higher volumes despite difficult conditions and renews demand for climate bonus for intermodal forwarders
04/28/2023 Current, Press Release, Services
Bertschi AG and Kombiverkehr KG exchange productive data for the first time via the KV4.0 data hub
04/21/2023 Current, Press Release, Services
KV4.0 Data Hub goes live with partners
04/12/2023 Current, Press Release, Personal details
Heiko Krebs joins the management team of Kombiverkehr KG
02/24/2023 Current, Press Release, Personal details
Kombiverkehr KG and Alexander Ochs go their separate ways
01/06/2023 Current, Press Release, The Company
Strategic partnership between Sogemar and Kombiverkehr
12/23/2022 The Company
Artificial intelligence to ensure loading optimisation in intermodal transport
Results 11-20 of 30