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Formalities/Legal notice
Hazardous goods: Required completion of the supplement to the accompanying form for cross-border waste shipments involving more than three companies
Please note that if you check the option "More than 3 transport companies" under Number 8 c) on the "Accompanying Form for Cross-Border Waste Shipments" for waste shipments, meaning that more than three transport companies are involved in a shipment, a "Supplement to the Accompanying Form for Cross-Border Waste Shipments" must be completed and included. On this supplement, information on the other transport companies involved must be stated as in Fields 8 a) to 8 c), such as their registry number, address and contact details.

Here please find the above mentioned form with the respective fields marked for clarification.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Kombiverkehr, Manager Hazardous Goods and Waste Transports, Ullrich Lück
Phone +49 40/74 05 19 60 or ulueck@kombiverkehr-gefahrgut.de