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Train programme for the Rhine Valley line as of 2nd of October 2017
After seven weeks of total closure, the Rhine Valley line will be reopened as of next Monday, 2nd of October 2017. The restart of the regular operational processes will take some time, though. The restoration of the ordinary train programme will be supported by a number of measures.

Those measures include

  • Priority will be given to delayed trains in order to get them to their destinations as quick as possible

  • Cancellation of trains which are running on alternative routes around the upcoming weekend in order to reposition locos and wagon sets, this way having a regular start on 2nd of October 2017

  • Emergency resources will be kept in place

Due to the German bank holiday on 3rd of October 2017 planned train cancellations may occur. This will lead to a short, reduced train volume. This might positively influence the process of recovery in calender week 40.  

The traffic Germany - Switzerland v.v. and Germany - Italy v.v. via Switzerland will run again on 2nd of October 2017 according to Kombiverkehr's current direct trains timetable. One exception is the relation Duisburg Ruhrort Hafen - Busto v.v.. In the North-South-direction the first departure will take place in the upcoming week on 5th of October 2017, in the South-North-direction on 4 October (closing date 3:45 a.m.). Please also note the temporarily cancelled trains due to the bank holiday on 3rd of October which are presented in this PDF file.

The domestic connections Hamburg - Basel v.v. and Cologne / Wuppertal - Basel v.v. will be running as planned on 4th of October. Deliveries in Basel can be done already starting 3rd of October 2017 from 12 p.m./noon. The current alternative relation Cologne – Karlsruhe v.v. will be offered for the last time today in both directions.

If you have any questions, please contact your well-known staff. An overview of the respective contact persons can be found here.

The past few weeks have been a particular challenge for freight forwarders, operators, railway transport operators and network operators. We would like to thank you very much for the understanding you have shown during the time of the Rhine Valley closing.

Kombiverkehr will continue to work at national and international political levels to ensure that infrastructure work is harmonized across Europe and that exceptional situations such as these will not be repeated.