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The Company
Start the golden jubilee year 2019 with us!
On behalf of all our staff, we would like to thank you most sincerely for the successful partnership and
cooperation we have enjoyed in the 2018 financial year. We wish you and your families a happy New Year.

The new year will be a very special one for Kombiverkehr KG, because it was 50 years ago – on 11
February 1969 – that the partnership was founded at the behest of the then transport minister, Georg
Leber. It was set up in Frankfurt am Main by the associations for long-distance freight traffic,
forwarding operators and the furniture transport industry as well as Deutsche Bundesbahn and 56
road hauliers and vehicle forwarders. Even then the goal was to shift long-distance freight traffic from
road to rail.

What began with the loading of the first truck shipment in Frankfurt am Main (Ost) goods station just a
short while later on 1 July 1969 is now a Europe-wide network offering 170 direct trains a night and
around 15,000 gateway connections throughout Europe. This success story was, is and will always be
only possible with the particular dedication of our staff, limited partners, customers, associated
companies and all other partners.

We will be running a variety of activities during our golden jubilee year that you can already look
forward to today. We wish you the best of health, happiness and success for the New Year!

Kombiverkehr helps! Once again, Kombiverkehr sent a Christmas donation to “Hilfe
für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.”, an association that supports children with cancer, in order to
help support the organisation and its helpers. Founded in 1983, the work of the organisation supports
the children’s cancer clinic at the University Hospital Frankfurt as well as psychosocial and medical
activities outside the clinic and research.

If you have any questions about our company, please contact:
Kombiverkehr, Head of Corporate Communications and Sales Support, Jan Weiser
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-1 42 or jweiser@kombiverkehr.de