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Special timetable arrangements and terminal & agency opening hours, 21 October until 3 November

Please note the special timetable arrangements for the Austrian National Day, Reformation Day and All Saints' Day (arrangements from 21 October until 3 November 2019). You can obtain the newest version of these timetable arrangements at any time from the downloads area (section: Timetable) and by registering for myKOMBIVERKEHR, which allows you then to use the online “Personal timetable booklets” application. For more about registering, go to www.kombiverkehr.de/en/home > Transport > Personal timetable booklets.

Timetable information concerning trains offered in cooperation with HUPAC Intermodal can be obtained on the website www.hupac.ch at Timetable > Train circulation schedule (updated daily) or in the file that can be downloaded at Timetable > Holiday regulations.

Timetable information concerning trains offered in cooperation with Optimodal can be obtained on the website www.optimodal.nl.

Any questions on the special timetable arrangements can be answered by:

Kombiverkehr, Operations, Team Leader Scheduling, Markus Engel
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-3 15 or mengel@kombiverkehr.de

or by the responsible product managers of our sales department.

The collection days and times in the German terminals may change during public holidays. If the day of arrival is a public holiday, collection is not usually possible until the next working day. If the holiday falls on a departure day, the closing time for acceptance may be brought forward. Please contact the responsible Kombiverkehr agency in good time for more information on this, or download the terminal and agency opening hours.

If you have any questions on terminal and agency opening times, please contact:
Kombiverkehr, Operations, Manager Terminals, Process Organisation & Projects, Daniel Jähn
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-3 17 or djaehn@kombiverkehr.de