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New 52-foot container wagons with 72-ton tank containers tested successfully
Kombiverkehr took the decision a good three years ago to enter into the tank container segment of the market with the aid of a modern, newly developed container carrier, the SGMNSS. These have a capacity of up to 73,500 litres and a payload of up to 67 metric tons and a length of 45 or 52 feet. As reported in a previous Kombi-Brief, 100 short, weight-optimised container wagons were added to the existing fleet in July last year. Initial trials on loading the exceptionally long and heavy tank containers for end-to-end rail transport were held successfully on the line between Ludwigshafen and Hamm. With its new wagons, Kombiverkehr is offering active assistance to carriers for the chemical industry and the forwarding companies heavily dependent on it by enabling them to transfer products previously transported using tank wagons to intermodal services within the Germany-wide and European CT network.

Technical information about wagons and transport units can be obtained from: 
Kristian Kölsche, Operations, Manager Wagon Resource Planning
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-3 31 or kkoelsche@kombiverkehr.de