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More departures on the Neuss – Wels v.v. route
On 13 January 2018 Kombiverkehr increased the frequency of services between Neuss-Hessentor Ubf and Wels Verschiebebahnhof CCT, with six round trips each week rather than the previous five. The train now also leaves Neuss on Saturdays, with a closing time for acceptance of 10:40, and leaves Wels on Mondays, with a closing time for acceptance of 14:10.

For further details about the timetable, please refer to the online timetable.

If you are interested in this route, please contact:
Kombiverkehr, Sales, Manager East and Southeast European Transport, Marijo Pesic
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-2 67 or mpesic@kombiverkehr.de