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Italy services: greater capacity and more gateway options from 7 September
  • Six round trips a week between Hanover and Verona
  • Munich-Melzo train will be rerouted to Milano Smistamento

(Frankfurt am Main, 11 August 2020) With an increase in capacity and a change of terminal for services between Germany and its key trading partner, Italy, Kombiverkehr KG is offering its forwarding and logistics customers a wider spectrum of intermodal services on this leading European transport corridor. Firstly, the number of trains on the Hanover – Verona v.v. will be increased from the present five to six weekly departures in both directions from 7 September. Secondly, the trains currently running between München-Riem and the Melzo terminal will begin serving the Milano Smistamento terminal on the same date. "Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Hanover train has been one of the most stable services in south European transport to Italy via the Brenner Pass, with hardly any departure having to be cancelled. We can now announce an expansion to six departures. Key to the expansion of frequencies has in particular been the transport of food for day-to-day requirements and as raw materials for the processing industry, which is increasingly being handled in intermodal transport," said Peter Dannewitz, Head of Sales, of the adjustment of this range of services, which has already been offered for a number of years and is representative of the particularly sustainable products provided by Kombiverkehr. "And with the change of terminal to Milan we are strengthening our network with a large number of other gateway options within Italy, thereby increasing flexibility for our customers."

The additional train departure on the Hanover – Verona v.v. route will be on Saturdays for both routes. With their attractive times for close of acceptance and the start of collection, the existing Monday-to-Friday departures in the north-south direction and Tuesday-to-Friday and Saturday departures in the south-north direction will remain unchanged. By offering two Saturday departures from Verona Quadrante Europa, the company is responding to its customers' requests for the option of recovering many transport units over the weekend so that the equipment can be returned to use quickly in the region in and around Hanover at the start of the week. The intermodal service, which is operated in close cooperation with the Italian partner Mercitalia Intermodal, can be booked for swap bodies, tank containers and trailers with a profile up to P/C 400 and is approved for all dangerous goods apart from classes 1 and 7.

"With around 100 train departures a week and multiple-day departures at selected German terminals, we now offer Italian forwarders a wide choice of services for eco-friendly logistics with added value in unaccompanied Germany-Italy Combined Transport via the Brenner Pass," Peter Dannewitz added. On the 1,045 kilometre-long route, users will save more than 1.5 metric tons of environmentally harmful CO2 when transporting a 25-ton trailer compared with end-to-end road freight transport. With onward services to and from Bari and Nola in southern Italy, the positive climate and energy balance compared with end-to-end road freight transport is significantly improved thanks to the greater distance on rail.

The onward connections within Germany or within the countries connected in the international network that are available with a large number of Kombiverkehr trains allow forwarders and logistics companies to profit from a one-stop solution for their transport requirements. To exploit this advantage on services between Munich and the greater Milan area, from the start of September Kombiverkehr will serve Milano Smistamento rather than the terminal in Melzo. This significant northern Italian rail hub offers forwarding services to and from Pomezia, Napoli and Catania in central and southern Italy. The Munich – Milano Smistamento train will run three times a week in each direction: from Munich on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and from Milano Smistamento on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Kombiverkehr, press photo, free for reproduction

Kombiverkehr erhöht Zugfrequenz zwischen Hannover und Verona
Safe, efficient and eco-friendly: from the start of September the Italian trains of Frankfurt-based Kombiverkehr KG from Hannover Linden Hafen or München-Riem will run even more frequently between Germany and Italy and enable new onward connections from Milano Smistamento.

The press photo can be downloaded here.