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Duisburg – Gadki/Pruszkow direct train rerouted to the terminals Poznan and Warszawa
Kombiverkehr has made alterations to the Duisburg – Gadki/Pruszkow v.v. service which have taken
effect on 1 January 2019. Instead of the Gadki and Pruszkow terminals, trains now arrive at
the CLIP Terminal in Swarzedz, near Poznan, and PKP Cargo Connect in Warszawa Praga. The
services will also be decoupled from each other with reloading in the CLIP Terminal Poznan. The step
was taken in order to improve quality on these routes.

CLIP Intermodal Container Terminal
Rabowicka 77, PL-62-020 Jasin

PKP Cargo Connect
ul. Marywilska 39, PL-03-228 Warszawa

Trains will continue to depart three times a week.

For details about this product, contact:
Kombiverkehr, Sales, Manager East and Southeast European Transport, Marijo Pesic
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-2 67 or mpesic@kombiverkehr.de