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Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen DUSS – Lübeck-Skandinavienkai v.v. with up to three round trips per day of service from mid-February 2020
Kombiverkehr is continuing the consistent expansion of its range of national services with a direct link
to the Baltic Sea ferries. As of 17 February 2020, a significant increase in the frequency of departures
will give forwarders and logistics companies the option of having their shipments transported on
environmentally-friendly rail in the corridor between the Ruhr district and the port of Lübeck in
Germany. The train, which has averaged ten departures a week in each direction over the year, will
operate up to three times on specific days in each direction between Lübeck and Duisburg from the
start of the new year. Services will run from Duisburg from Monday to Saturday, and from Lübeck from Monday to Sunday.

It is expected that the closing time for acceptance for the newly launched trains will be 12:00 midday in Duisburg and that they will reach Lübeck before midnight on the same day. Going in the opposite direction, the additional train services will commence with departures in the evening and one at night (estimated closing time for acceptance 02:00). These trains from Lübeck will reach Duisburg late morning. The increase in the frequency of train departures to 15 a week in each direction means that customers will benefit not only from substantially faster journey times in direct services, but also from optimised transfer times in international gateway services via Duisburg. It will be possible for the first time to achieve A-B journey times for carriers and end customers in end-to-end transport via Lübeck to southern Sweden by making use of the new train services and the ferry departures at 02:30. Consignments will be ready to pick up in Malmö or Trelleborg the following morning.

Various ferry operators also run services from Skandinavienkai to and from Norway, Finland and the
Baltic region. The one-stop shop process even allows customers from Duisburg, Lyon, Rotterdam or
Antwerp to reach the terminals in Hallsberg and Stockholm in Sweden via Lübeck with just a single
booking using an end-to-end rail-ferry service and the fixed link.

The service between Lübeck and Duisburg complements the existing direct train services between the
Baltic Sea ports of Lübeck and Ludwigshafen KTL as well as Hamburg-Billwerder, which has links to a
large number of national terminals.

If you would like details of these products, please contact:
Ulrich Bedacht, Sales, Manager North European Transport & German Baltic Sea Ports
Phone +49 69/7 95 05-2 44 or ubedacht@kombiverkehr.de