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The Company
DX Intermodal: New service provider for data exchange in Combined Transport

DXI is the name of the new company offering the use of a data hub that will, for the first time, enable all stakeholders in Combined Transport to share data with each other. The company arose from the “Digitalisation of intermodal supply chains – CT 4.0” research project running from 2017 to 2021 that created a cross-system data platform for Combined Transport. DXI GmbH’s objective is to now refine the system further and make it possible for all stakeholders along the intermodal transport chain to access the data hub. The DXI hub allows forwarders to exchange all data of their intermodal transports between the CT operators and their own system, including railway undertaking and terminal data. Based on the EDIGES data exchange standard, the system allows access to timetables, bookings, terminal status, train journeys and initial and final road legs. Data are exchanged accessibly and in real time, but within an authorised distribution list.

If you are interested in the new possibilities of B2B data exchange, please contact:
Christoph Büchner, Manager IT and managing director of DX Intermodal
+49 69/7 95 05-1 44 or cbuechner@dx-intermodal.com