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What you need to know about the online booking

Before, during and after the booking. Here you get all the important information short and concrete.

Prior to booking:

Please register to use the online booking facility

Complete the "Supervisor", "User" and "Email address form" forms and post them to Kombiverkehr or send them by email to adressen@kombiverkehr.de. If you still have no access to myKOMBIVERKEHR, please register to use it giving the same email address as the one stated on the forms.

As a supervisor, you have access to the user management facility in myKOMBIVERKEHR to assign the right to use the online booking system to yourself and to any colleagues who need to book online. You must log out and log in again in order to see the booking application as a supervisor.

As a user, you will be notified by email once your supervisor has cleared you. You can then register for myKOMBIVERKEHR with the same email address as the one given by your supervisor or you can use your existing right of access to reach the online booking facility.

Arrange for other booking agencies to be registered and duly authorised

Do not forget about the companies that make bookings for you. Kombiverkehr needs you to provide a booking authorisation for these companies. They must then register for the online booking facility themselves. If you make bookings for another company, Kombiverkehr needs this company to provide a booking authorisation for you.

Please send booking authorisations to the relevant product manager in the Sales department at Kombiverkehr. You will find the right contact person here

During the booking:

You can book connections to and from these terminals online

You will find all the dispatch terminals that can be booked online in the document "Terminal locations available for online booking". If a listed terminal is not shown on the online booking screen, this means that Kombiverkehr does not have transport approval for this route. This can be duly updated by the relevant product manager in the Sales department. You will find the right contact person here.

You can book with or without a loading unit number (LU number)

If you need to make a booking without an LU number (ILU/BIC code), it is absolutely essential to provide a customer reference number instead.

First select "STRASSE (ROAD)" in the "Mode of delivery" and "Mode of dispatch" fields, and then fill in the "loading unit type" and "construction type of LU" fields. You must then enter your details in the "Customer reference" field.

Please quote the customer reference number to agency staff when delivering the intermodal transport unit so that the LU number can be filled in at this point.

Amend or supplement details of intermodal transport units

Any omissions or inaccuracies can be rectified retrospectively if you notice during the booking process that the LU type or LU model is missing or incorrect. Please use the "Recording loading unit basic data" form for this purpose and then email it to le-stammdaten@kombiverkehr.de. The "Profile table" document will help you with form-filling. Once the details have been sent to us, the information will be stored on our IT system and shown in the online booking facility.

How to complete a booking

You must use the "Send transport request" button in "Step 4. contact information" to send your booking to the appropriate processing point. The status of your order will then change to "GEBUCHT (BOOKED)" under "Completed orders" on the homepage. You will find all the orders booked by your office under "Completed orders". The order will appear in the CESAR tracking & tracing system simultaneously. Any orders under "Started bookings" have not yet been completed and are not yet present on the Kombiverkehr system as a booking.

Use templates for a faster and more efficient booking process

Recurring shipments can be booked more quickly and efficiently by creating a template. Booking information and some order information can be saved in a template. An unlimited quantity of templates is available for your use. All the users in your office can view and use these to make online bookings.

Arrange to have confirmations of receipt of your transport enquiry sent to you and others

After being checked by the relevant Kombiverkehr agency, a confirmation of receipt of your transport request will be sent to the stored email address. You can enter details of any other addresses to which the confirmation of request should be sent in "Step 4. contact information".

After booking:

To amend or cancel bookings

An order may be amended or cancelled as long as it has the status "Delivered". Please note that charges may be incurred as a result of cancellation. The "Edit" and "Cancel order" buttons shown next to the order within "Completed orders" will tell you whether you can still amend or cancel a booking. Please contact the relevant Kombiverkehr agency at the dispatch terminal if a cancellation is necessary between the delivery of the intermodal transport unit and the closing time for acceptance. You will find their details here.

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Important for the registration:

Online booking forms
Quick way in myKOMBIVERKEHR
Here you find all terminals you can book in the online booking.
Here you find the document for changes or additions for LU-data.

Recording loading unit basic data
Profile table

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