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Book direct from forwarding software

As an alternative to online booking, we offer customers with high transport volumes the option of using a B2B interface with our booking system. An interface of this type means that booking orders can be generated directly from the forwarder's own IT system with just a few clicks and transmitted to Kombiverkehr.

Advantages & benefits

The B2B interface offers you many advantages:

  • The data on transport units and routes stored in your IT system are transferred directly to the booking system used by Kombiverkehr. This keeps potential input errors during the booking process to a minimum, thus speeding the booking process up considerably.
  • Any bookings that have already been made can easily be amended or cancelled, giving you the greatest possible amount of transparency and flexibility.
  • If you use "WinSped" forwarding software, you will find that it already meets the technical requirements for a B2B interface with Kombiverkehr.

Customer examples

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What you need to know about the B2B interface

Who do I need to contact?

Talk to us if you are interested in a B2B interface between your forwarding system and Kombiverkehr's booking system. We will then discuss the options and general set-up with you and let you know about the IT requirements.

Your contact person:

Elias Athanasoglou
Manager Transport Management

Phone +49 69/79 50 52 71
email eathanasoglou@kombiverkehr.de

How can I get an idea of the technical aspects of setting up a B2B interface?

For you, the first aspect is the input required to programme an interface to Kombiverkehr's IT system and then adapt it on a regular basis to incorporate any changes in the requisite data, as a result of new legislation for example. Kombiverkehr works with its own XML structure, CTIXML (Combined Transport Information Extensible Markup Language), to exchange data. Staff in the data processing department will be able to tell you exactly what is required for the interface. Ideally, you will have your own IT department or access to the expertise of external programmers of your internal forwarding software.

Do I need access to the Kombiverkehr online booking system if I use the B2B interface?

You can use the B2B interface without access to the online booking system. We do nevertheless recommend that you have access to the system set up in case the B2B interface is temporarily unavailable. In such cases, it is also advisable to designate a supervisor in your company who knows which employees have clearance to use the online booking facility. You will find more detailed information on the registration process under Registration in 6 steps.

Can I amend or cancel bookings?

You can amend or cancel orders via the B2B interface until the point at which the relevant transport unit has "delivered" status. Please contact the relevant shipping agency if a cancellation is necessary between the time of delivery of the transport unit and the closing time for acceptance.

CESAR B2B interface

In addition to the B2B booking interface of Kombiverkehr, you can also set up a CESAR B2B interface. This will entail additional costs, but it also brings more benefits. This additional interface works across all operators and imports the current status of all orders from your business location into your forwarder's own IT system, so that you have a complete overview of all orders at all times.

The status of each individual transport unit is displayed in the forwarding software, regardless of which operator is responsible for the transport.