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Tank containers

  • The armatures on tank containers must be closed.
  • The blind flange on tank containers must be attached.
  • The protection cap for armatures must be in locked position.
  • The dome covers and any covering caps must be locked.
  • Any attachments, such as fill nozzles, must not overshoot the outer frame of the tank container.
  • Any bands around the tank must be in excellent condition and fit precisely. It is imperative that the insulation of the tank container is not visible and does not protrude.
  • Tank containers with ascending aids require a sign warning of overhead electrical danger (ISO 6346). The label must be also be affixed near the ascending aid.
  • Any frames, ascending aids and steps must not be damaged and must be in full working order.
  • Any insulation must generally be in an excellent condition and in fully working order.
  • The subsequent attachment of additional fittings is not permitted.
  • In the case of hazardous goods in particular, the payload must not adhere to the exterior of the tank container.

These regulations also apply for empty uncleaned tank containers.

  • Blind flange not attached.
  • Protection cap for armatures not closed.
  • Tank container with UIC identification code.
  • Unlocked dome cover.
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