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Tarpaulin superstructures (curtainsider)

  • On loading units with tarpaulin structures in curtainsider design, the sliding tarpaulins must be closed and the draw-in tube locked into the corresponding fixture.
  • The tension belts must be locked and secured. A damaged but secured tension belt on either side is acceptable on a temporary basis, but it must not be directly next to the lock bar. The securing device must be attached to the unit, running parallel to the corner bar, and must not be twisted. It is not permitted to fix the tension belts over the grappler pocket.
  • When securing the tarpaulin on a curtainsider, it is not necessary to draw an additional securing rope through the tarpaulin eyelets of the tension belts.
  • Loading units with curtainsider tarpaulins may be used for transport at over 120 km/h up to a maximum of 140 km/h, if they are marked with an additional "Code XL" or "EN 12642 - XL" plate.
  • Identification plate and additional “Code XL” plate
  • Open sliding tarpaulin.
  • Semi-trailer with tarpaulin superstructure in curtainsider design
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