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  • Semi-trailers must be provided with a valid UIC identification code and, depending on the country of origin, with a permit to travel on public roads (e.g. TÜV sticker). A valid licence plate is also required.
  • Semi-trailers must be in a roadworthy condition (wheels, grappler pockets, support legs, tail lights etc).
  • The crank for adjusting the height of the support legs must be on the semitrailer and fixed in the highest position. Before carrying out crane operations or storing semi-trailers with a retractable side or rear underride guard, it must be ensured that these are duly folded up, inserted and secured by the delivering driver.
  • Semi-trailers require a retractable side and rear underride guard. Ensure that the locking mechanism is fully functional.
  • Semi-trailers with pneumatic shock absorption systems must be lowered and have the air removed during handling and transport by rail.
  • Bent side underride guard
  • Upward retracted rear underride guard
  • Lloose support leg crank
  • Additional plate for semitrailers with pneumatic shock absorption
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