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Hazardous goods and waste

  • If hazardous goods are being transported in containers, swap bodies or semi-trailers, the relevant loading unit must be provided with hazard labels (placards) and/or orange warning plates as stipulated by ADR/RID and IMDG code. The hazard labels must be affixed to the areas specified for this purpose. The same applies to labels (e.g. for substances that are heated and/or harmful to the environment) which, in certain circumstances, must be affixed in accordance with legislation on hazardous goods.
  • The hazard labels, warning signs and identification codes must be in excellent condition and must not be damaged.
  • You will find information on hazard labels, warning signs and identification codes in section 5.3 of the ADR/RID and IMDG codes.
  • When a loading unit of waste is delivered, the waste labels must be retained until it is removed from the vehicle by crane.
  • Due to high transportation loads, the affixed labels and the adhesives used must be weatherproof.
  • 4-chamber tank container correctly marked for hazardous goods
  • Semi-trailer correctly marked for waste and hazardous goods during sea transport
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