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Swap bodies and semi-trailers are provided with the ILU-Code as part of the revised norm 13044 for the purpose of marking intermodal loading units. The sphere of application of the ILU-Code is limited to intermodal loading units moved in the European region only. "European region" refers here to European states and neighbouring countries that are accessible by road, rail, river boats and short-haul seagoing vessels. It is allocated by the "International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport" (UIRR). The code, which is compatible with the BIC Code for freight containers, looks like this:

Positioning of the ILU-Code on the loading unit

The ILU-Code, comprising the Owner Key, registration number and check digit, should be arranged as shown in the adjacent illustration. The ILU-Code must be provided at least on the two side walls and on the roof, optionally also on the end faces and a second time, rotated 180 degrees, on the roof.



Advantages of the ILU-Code

  • The standardised ILU-Code is more suitable for IT systems, resulting in a higher quality of data all along the order processing chain. The check digit enables errors to be detected automatically as soon as the identification number is entered. This reduces sharply the cost of clarifying inputting and transmission errors.

  • EN 13044 separates owner identification strictly from the marking required for railway operation. To that end the yellow code number plate was redesigned and now only contains technical information such as the profile, length class, XL code etc.. This separation makes coding ex works possible. It means that every new railway-compatible loading unit can be fitted with the yellow plate by the manufacturer even if it is initially not used directly in Combined Transport.

  • The owner of a loading unit with an ILU-Code can now be determined more easily, as the ILU-Codes are published just like the BIC Codes.

  • The marking of containers and semi-trailers with the standardised ILU-Code can also be used for pure road transport if necessary.

Applying for an ILU-Code

Only owners of intermodal loading units are allowed to apply for an ILU-Code Owner Key. The term “owner” includes a lessee or operator of intermodal loading units, provided such lessee or operator exercises full and exclusive control over intermodal loading units as though he was the actual owner.

Registration for an ILU-Code can be done quickly and easily online at www.ilu-code.eu.

You can obtain more information on the ILU-Code and procedures on the UIRR website at www.uirr.com and in our information sheet on „Marking of intermodal loading units in Europe".

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Information material
The information sheet "Marking of intermodal loading units in Europe" will tell you everything you need to know about the ILU-Code.
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