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Rights of use

The rights to all the images and graphics files contained in this database are held by Kombiverkehr, unless stated otherwise. The picture material is cleared for publication free of charge in the press and media within the context of non-commercial news coverage and for personal information or other non-commercial purposes. "Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG" must be cited as the source and a specimen copy sent to us every time an image is published or reproduced.

If used on the internet or in digital media, reference to Kombiverkehr in the form of a link to www.kombiverkehr.de must appear alongside the picture credit.

Any other type of use, in particular for advertising purposes, requires the written consent of Kombiverkehr. Please contact Kombiverkehr Corporate Communications if you require a picture for commercial purposes. We will need written details of its intended use and a specimen copy in this instance. Only then can a decision be made as to whether Kombiverkehr is able to make the relevant picture available.