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Safer is safer

Have your hazardous goods and high-value materials transported by rail - statistically 40 times safer than transport by road. And there are 170 train departures every day in 30 European countries.

40 times safer than transport by road

The risk of an accident when transporting hazardous goods is 40 times higher on the roads than on the railways. The Pro-Rail Alliance came to this conclusion after basing its calculations on data from the Federal Statistical Office.

Minimal risk with guided transport systems

One of the reasons for enhanced safety is the fact that risk is reduced to a minimum by rail-guided transport systems. Computerised switch controls and rigorous monitoring of the required minimum distance between two trains significantly reduce the risk of an accident due to human error compared with road transport.

Safety checks by qualified personnel

The railway scores top marks when it come to safety because every transport unit is inspected by specialist personnel prior to loading and shipment to ensure that it is secure and serviceable. No shipments without a terminal check-in procedure and no train departures without prior approval by the wagon inspector!

Lower risk for your equipment and the society

Not only will you handle transport units with greater care by switching your road freight to the railways, but you will also minimise the risk of personal injury as a result of accident.

Anti-theft protection at the terminal

Around 200,000 shipments are affected by the theft of road freight every year in Germany alone. The high standards of security at the terminals with entry controls and video surveillance mean that your transport units are protected from access by unauthorised persons before and after they are moved by rail. You can thus hand over your transport units for safekeeping at the terminal with a clear conscience and avoid any risky incidents at motorway service stations.
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