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Intermodal To The Future

For the sake of our planet

Switch your transport services from road to rail. Across Europe, day in day out. For the optimum environmental balance of your company and your shipper - and for a better climate for everyone.

Lower energy expenditure per shipment

If we apportion the energy required for a rail freight service to the individual transport units, we find that each unit consumes significantly less energy than is the case with road haulage. Not only will you improve your company's energy balance by shifting the main leg of the journey to rail, but you will also be doing something good for the environment.

66 per cent less CO2

According to the Transport Emission Model (TREMOD) of the IFEU Institute in Heidelberg, every truckload shifted onto the railway reduces emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 by 61 grams per tonne and kilometre compared with transport by road alone. In Combined Transport, including the initial and final leg, this equates to an average two-thirds reduction in CO2 emissions. You can refer directly to the online quick calculator to find out the emissions savings for each transport.

Fewer pollutant emissions thanks to reduced diesel consumption

You will reduce your diesel consumption significantly as Combined Transport is only used for the first and final legs.  Not only will you cut down on climate-unfriendly CO2, therefore, but you will also be helping to prevent harmful nitrogen oxide and reduce emissions of particulate matter.

On request: completely CO2-free transport in de.NETeco+

You can even request completely CO2-free rail transport services from Kombiverkehr. The electricity used to transport shipments in the national de.NETeco+ network comes exclusively from wind and water power. Our partner DB Cargo will also be happy to provide you with any proof of environmental certification required by your carrier.
CO2-free transports
You can transport your national consignments with Kombiverkehr in the deNETeco+ completly CO2-free. Get your information here.

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