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Intermodal To The Future

Financially there's more in it for you

Switch your shipments onto rail to profit from the financial benefits of intermodal transport. And there are 170 train departures every day in 30 European countries.

Lower investment risk

You need fewer tractor units for the relatively short round trips on the first and final legs by road haulage than for long journeys by road, and are thus more flexible. This allows you to have less capital tied up, whilst the volume of transport stays the same.

Reduction in vehicle costs

Long journeys by road inevitably result in more wear and tear for your fleet of trucks. If you switch your transport services to the railway, you will decrease the number of kilometres to be driven by road and notice a marked reduction in the costs of servicing your vehicles.

Tolls only on initial and final legs to the terminal

Tolls on European motorways can represent a significant cost factor in the forwarding business. You can reduce your toll costs by cutting down on your road haulage. The solution is known as Combined Transport: By using this system, you will only pay tolls on the first and final legs by road.

Exemption from vehicle tax

Vehicles are exempt from vehicle tax as long as they are used exclusively for the first and final leg of Combined Transport and are appropriately marked.

Predictable costs thanks to price certainty

You know the price of the main leg of the journey by rail before your shipment is sent. This is because Kombiverkehr fixes all its prices for one year, thus protecting you as far as possible from fluctuating energy and diesel prices.
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