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The network de.NETdirect+ is an efficient, economic and ecologically-friendly block train system offering about 270 direct and shuttle trains per week throughout Germany.
The eu.NETdirect+ offers over 560 fast direct and shuttle trains per week to reach about 30 countries within Europe.
The de.NETeco+ service from Kombiverkehr will transport your railway freight in Germany 100% CO2-free. All the power required for freight transport comes from purely renewable energy sources.
In collaboration with Optimodal Netherland B.V., Kombiverkehr connects the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp with the whole of Europe in hinterland services.
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The timetable details shown are subject to change at any time. We will make the necessary changes to the online timetable database as quickly as possible after we become aware of them. Please always contact the staff of National and International Transport for detailed information before starting any journey.

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The connection search allows you to view timetable data for all the services offered by Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG, including a ready reckoner for calculating pollutant emissions and the energy balance according to DIN EN 16258.