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Efficiency can be improved

Switch your shipments from road to rail to take advantage of the benefits of truck and train. Maximum flexibility alongside planning certainty. For greater efficiency.

Four tonnes more laden weight

Vehicles that are used on the first and final leg to the nearest suitable Combined Transport terminal are allowed an overall weight of 44 tonnes, which is 4 tonnes more than vehicles used for pure road transport. This advantage is financially worthwhile in many market segments, because the 44-tonne regulation means that the same amount of freight can be transported with fewer truck journeys.

Exemptions from driving restrictions

Combined Transport services are exempt from driving restrictions to some extent. Among other things, this applies to existing driving restrictions during holiday periods if the Combined Transport consignment is sent from the shipper to the nearest departure terminal or from the nearest receiving terminal to the recipient. Combined Transport services are also exempt from existing driving restrictions on Sundays and public holidays, as long as the first and final leg to the terminal does not exceed 200 km.

Spare vehicle and personnel capacity

The only requirement for intermodal transport is comparatively short first and final legs by road. This means you are far more flexible in terms of the deployment of tractor units and drivers than would be the case if you were sending your drivers and trucks on long journeys through Germany or Europe.  In the space of one day, a single driver and tractor unit can take several transport units at a time to the terminal and quickly become available for other orders.

Simplified compliance with driving and rest times

Compliance with existing social legislation is much easier when using Combined Transport, since drivers are only used to cover the “short distances” of the initial and final legs, which is highly conducive to flexible working arrangements. As a result, your staff are happier in the long term and thus more motivated.

Rapid availability of spare cargo capacity

You can deal with new transport orders more quickly. Simply use your own cranable equipment or quickly hire some. You do not need your own tractor unit for these orders.

Fixed timetable for planning certainty

Delivery in Cologne by 17:00, collection in Munich the next morning from 05:30 – Kombiverkehr's fixed timetable allows you to plan your transport.
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