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Helping Hands

Campaign "Helping Hands" launched


Together against COVID-19

In times of COVID-19, intermodal rail freight transport is the way of choice! Rail ensures pandemic-avoiding transport routes with the use of only one locomotive driver for more than 30 truck shipments. So intermodal transport plays a very special role within the logistics chains. Together with our partner organisations, forwarding customers and their driving staff in the pre- and post-carriage between terminals, production facilities and the trade, we maintain the flow of goods and the supply of the industry and population in Germany and throughout Europe. For all. For each.

Show solidarity

Only together and with great solidarity can we overcome this global crisis. And it depends on each individual. Whether through a radical change in living and working habits, for example by avoiding contact with relatives and friends, or with the help of stricter hygiene rules, especially in workplaces which, by their very nature and due to their high systemic relevance, require further staff deployment on site.

With "Helping Hands", Kombiverkehr wants to bring together all the people on site and at home - employees of all operators, freight forwarders and rail transport companies, all agency and terminal staff, crane drivers, wagon masters, truck drivers, locomotive drivers and many others - who, through their renunciation and commitment, will keep intermodal transport running and thus make an important contribution to the community.

Take part and share your photo

  • Take a picture of yourself or your "helping hands" in an activity, how you help to support intermodal transport. Even better if you also have the campaign motif shown above or a sign with the hashtag "helping hands" in the picture.
  • Share your pictures in social media, for example LinkedIn or Facebook
  • We would also be very pleased to share your picture on the Kombiverkehr channels: send your picture by e-mail to corporate-communications@kombiverkehr.de (by submitting your picture you agree to its publication, including in the social media).
  • Use the "Helping Hands" logo and integrate it into your own campaigns, actions and posts, for example in social media.

"Helping Hands" for intermodal transport:

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